For many countries that happen to be next to the equator, they don’t experience the four seasons but alternatively only dry and rainy. The not so good thing about having two periods however is simply because it can also be in the extremes --- it may be too hot or even the other way around. This could cause the natural disasters that might affect human inhabitation badly.

Floods like many other catastrophes might cause devastating effects on the affected area mostly those which are called flash floods. In which there’s intense increase over the level the floods gets higher. Floods may be caused by various things like significant winds over water, dams’ failure, tsunamis, heavy rain, and snowmelt that happen to be highly quicker.

Safety and readiness are considerable keys in mastering disasters. They really work together because in order to make an excellent safety, you have to be equipped for what's going to happen.

Flood control has been existing since the past from planting plant life to construction of floodways. These days, during the introduction of man-made technological know-how, the functions or choices went wider and also have been far more sophisticated. One of these and probably the most popular often is the building of dams. Dams are created to control the flow of the water straight into a certain area and must be placed inside a particular level in the dry season.

Another type of flood control is coast defences like sea wall surfaces and barrier islands. To which they're just placed after streams or rivers in which an estuary begins. After which they're closed anytime a tidal wave comes as well as one time prevents water to come on the moving upland. Lastly, there are also river defences. One of the most usual one under this category are the sandbags which might be placed also in the mouths of the channels or rivers. Regrettably though, it is not for long term protection.

As been said earlier, flood control won't only go over the occurrences on actual happenings but the actions made beforehand to stop future catastrophes. One example in this is the clean-up drives in one’s district. Sewages are definitely the passage of water out of household drainages if not managed, can flood which occasionally cause the floods in your community.

And so the sewages needs to be clean up of those garbage which may block out the water’s pathway particularly those that are non-biodegradable and therefore are not able to rot. In addition, clean-up drives should also be carried out a selected way where residential areas can prepare ahead of time.